About our shows

We put on two performances of Dear Homeland as a fringe event at the Edinburgh Festival.

 Moments of International Magic

  • By reading aloud and responding to letters home, we hope to have moments of international magic when what is local suddenly, also becomes global.
  • Moments of shimmering and hovering over our life stories when nomads become settlers and settlers become nomadic
  • We read out and discuss letters which we have helped people write to their homeland either before the Festival or on the streets during the Festival.
  • We show how these letters have artistic healing and therapeutic cultural properties and invite letters to be written.
  • We do the same with post cards.
  • We may ask the audience to split into home groups and write letters to each other as if writing baalfred-edward-chalon-girl-reading-a-letterck from their homeland.
  • We give people instructions into how to go away and start a new correspondence with their homeland where-ever it may be.
  • We want the letter to help recall, reconnect with and rethink our relationship with our homelands, our earlier life and national roots.
  • We intend it as a creative and educational activity.   Perhaps like any art activity it has a therapeutic element.
  • We want to help create something you can build upon for yourself but also that we can share wLocal global quoteith others.
  • The homelands to which we write are shared with other people even if our individual relationship is unique.
  • Our idea is to help repair the taken for granted, forgotten, nostalgic or troubled relationship between us and our homelands in a rapidly changing world.
  • To find out how we work read the section  Tips for Writing a Letter

Invite us to run a workshop with your group or community.

We can run workshops for ten to forty people.  These involve writing letters.  Our next workshop is in London on November 15th. 2014 at SOAS.  To book go to http://www.acat.me.uk/event/801/


For enquiries about setting up a workshop in your area contact us by email through dialogmaps@gmail.com

We talked to people on the streets during the special atmosphere of the festival.

  • If we meet you on the streets and around the venues of the Festival we want to work alongside you with an audio recording of your letter which we can have typed up and emailed to you.
  • We would like you to read to people of your choosing, add your letters to this website or come to one of our shows or workshops and read it out.
  • Some letters invite a response and create memories and connections with others which we want to help become a conversation.  You may feel inspired to write a letter back to you and where you are now from your homeland and we may be able to help by making a relational map.


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