Postcard to Kirkcaldy

Dear Kirkcaldy

When I was young and carefree, I loved the green spaces and summers evenings walking my dog Sparky with my Dad. I thought you were wonderful. I also loved being near the sea and was fascinated by the high Spring tides as they bashed the sea wall and threw the spray high into the air.  But most of all was the Kirkcaldy smell!!!

There is much of you I don’t miss! I became aware of you can take the girl out of Kirkcaldy, but you can’t take Kirkcaldy out of the girl. It was when I went to Vancouver, I had discovered the Kirkcaldy accent was a bit esoteric, people looked at me as if I was speaking Swahili of some thing similar. Over the years my Kirkcaldy accent has moderated, thank goodness. The other curse is Kirkcaldy grammar; I still carry that burden today.

I qualified as a Physio and was very proud to be the Physio of Kirkcaldy s favourite football team, Raith Rovers.  However the ideology of this was much better than the practicalities.  There wasn’t so much “dancing in the streets of Raith” for me, as I did find it frightfully boring.

One part of Kirkcaldy I do love, and it’s highlighted in a poem. The last two lines are:

 “I ken mysel ` by the queer like smell

That the next stop in is Kirkcaldy”

Billy ConnellyLiberon_Raw_Linseed_Oil made a joke.  He said Kirkcaldy should be renamed “What s that f***ing smell” because that’s what strangers said when they got off the train.     You see it’s the Linoleum factory that used to fill the air with a linseed oil smell. Even today, it reawakens lovely memories, rubbing linseed oil onto my kitchen worktops, it’s like liquid Kirkcaldy!

Best wishes


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