Edinburgh and Christchurch

Dear Edinburgh and Christchurch (NZ)

I’m caught between you two, I wish I could have the best of both of you. You are both similar sized cities/nations, one of you independent, proud and hard working, the other oh so much fun but with more of a dark side and a wee ‘chip on the shoulder’ about those guv’nors down South.

Edinburgh you’re so trendy, liberal and arty even though you can be a bit standoffish and aloof at times, you’re really beautiful and I feel both familiarity in returning and also a restlessness with you! It’s exciting to see how you might individuate and move on from the safety of the UK family home to start out on your own and assert your own desired values of fairness and inclusivity of other cultures and colours of peoples. I hope you have both the courage to do it and also that the old desires to collude with greed won’t overshadow your good intentions and neighbourliness. I hope you lose the Britishness that doesn’t serve you e.g. obsession with rules and putting paperwork before people work that really tires me out and gets me down.

Christchurch you faithfully ground away with agriculture and tourism not panicking about minerals & oil and gambling your banks. You’re homely pragmatic, common-sense and kind. I’m sorry disaster has made you feel so tired and worn out but it’s re-taught you community spirit. I love your natural warmth and how people enjoy just hanging out on your beaches and gardens, growing real connections. It’s awkwarnew-zealand-and-scotland-friendship-flag-badge-t288--2997-pd for me that you’re so preachy and you need to learn to be kinder to gay people before I can feel really comfortable with you. Well done for working on cultural tolerance, your mix including those waves of tribes that came long ago helps you not take values for granted which is wise and attractive. We had an interesting decade together and I miss you.

The feeling of not being able to be loyal to either of you makes me a little bit crazy and sometimes I think I should run off somewhere else entirely but I guess I’ll just wait…..


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