Dear Homeland template for writing a letter

Dear Homeland (template for writing)

You are where I come from.  You are there and you are then.   You are my birth nation. or at least you are the streets and spaces, the hills and rivers of my birth nation.

You are round the corner.  Or you are far away.    You are back there where my journey began.  You are the view I saw of my neighbourhood or the garden gate or the park and the school.  You are the place I left.  Or stayed.  Or did you drive me away.   You are not my mum or dad but they were part of you.   Or where they?  Did you not care about them?  Or did they hold you too closely. Perhaps I grew up with their homeland in my head even though it was another place and another time altogether.

I feel your losses and dine out on your gains.   I fly with your flag.  I ate what you put on my childhood plate and became so familiar with your tastes.   Sometimes I long for what you gave me and the images, the smells and sights are sharp and clear.  Other times the lines of your geography and the lines of your songs are blurred.   We are out of sorts with each other.  Or are we too bound up and identified.   Have I been painting my face with your flag all these years without noticing.  Do I love you or hate you?   Or is it more that I forget?   Did I use you or did they use you?   Am I still proud of you as I once was.  How much did I truly belong or was I an outsider?

I am writing to find answers. to reconnect.  I don’t what I will find until I write and read out the letter to you.  I need a friend a good listener to take your part and respond as they feel you might.

It is chance for me to find the words and give voice to the language and the ways we shared.   it is a re telling of my relationship with you. You too have been affected by the years.   Like you, I am living in a different world now.   I want to feel the difference and visit you on my own terms.    When I was a child I had to speak in the voice that you gave me and tell the tales that you were spinning. Now perhaps I will like and allow that voice and the ‘word’ music that goes with it but perhaps I will find a different voice.

Yours   (from where I am now)

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