Referendum Therapy Overview

These pages are in support of improving the quality of our discussions in the run up to the referendum vote in the UK.  It is has been a disturbing and unsettling time of political debate during which opposing sides have not been in dialogue with each other.   There are concerns that the honesty and trust at the foundations of a democratic process are being undermined.   In particular the shift to a politics of identity highlights the need for a new politics of listening or a review of political ethics.   Psychotherapeutic methods and ideals may help and as one small contribution we propose using a simple letter writing workshop as an aid to dialogue in discussing the hidden issues of the referendum.

There is an article under the title of referendum therapy

There are guidelines for a workshop which can be run locally with family, friends and neighbours.

There are some sample letters which give a sense of the range of letters that could be written.

Here’s to a new politics of listening.